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Babe's info:
- Macedonian singer and songwriter.
- Pileva's music contains element of modern rock, pop rock, mainstream pop, blues/rock ballads and alternative rock.
- First performance: in 1998 at the music festival "MakFest" with the song "Ti Si Toj" ("You're The One").
- In 2000 Aleksandra started performing live in jazz-rock clubs in Skopje, as part of the "Session Selection" band.
- Albums: "Sonce I Mesechina" ("Sun and Moon") (2005) and "Get Back To Studio Rock 'n Roll" (2007).
- Singles (some of them): "Nema Uteha, "Srebreni Vojnici", "Letaj So Mene", "Dal' Da Placham Il' Da Peam".
- Compilations: "Makedonija Zasekogash" ("Macedonia Forever") and "Kirilico Ispeana".
Also named: Aleksandra The Great Pileva, Alexandra Pileva, Александра Пилева
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