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Vesna Stanojevska as Menka in 'Shadows', a movie by Milcho Manchevski

Vesna Stanojevska as Menka in 'Shadows', a movie by Milcho Manchevski

Babe's info:
- Vesna is a Professional Harpist and a member of the Macedonian National Opera and Ballet orchestra.
- Her performances in the past include the Macedonian Philharmonic Orchestra programs and numerous social events.
- She has performed with Jose Carreras in Ohrid’s Ancient Theater, where both Mr. Carreras and the MOB orchestra gave an outstanding performance and a night to remember.
- Vesna continues with her satisfaction as a Professor at the School of Music in Skopje with efforts to continue the harpist tradition and assist to the ambitions of young students.
- Her debut film role (as Menka) in “Shadows” ("Senki") by Milcho Manchevski in 2007, where she casts a main role, is a progression of her ambitions and the honest desire to express herself in many contemporary forms of art.
- Her only experience in front of a camera before the movie "SHADOWS" was her 24-frame appearance in a commercial that Milco Mancevski directed in 1999.
- Vesna won her part as Menka after a rigorous six-round casting process, coming ahead of some 70 actresses from Macedonia and the neighboring countries.
Also named: Vesna Stanojeska, Весна Станојевска, Весна Станојеска
Source: photo - "Shadows" movie promo photos, info - Vesna's personal website + Internet
Author: photo - N/A

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    What I like of this woman is that she belonged to the Macedonian National Opera and Ballet orchestra because it shows us that she is really talented, and of course she's so beautiful.

      митко On January 13, 2015 at 10:14 PM

    3 гласа за весна станојевска
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      Anonymous On March 27, 2015 at 11:14 PM

    nice vesna stanojevska photo