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None Nedelkovska - Macedonian 'Idol' from VelesNone Nedelkovska - Macedonian 'Idol' from Veles

Babe's info:
- Macedonian pop music artist
- Started to sing as seven year old girl at "Zlatno Slavejce" ("Golden Nightingale") - the most prestigious children music festival in Macedonia.
- In 2005 won second place at "Idol' international music festival (competing with young talented singers from Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia).
- Signed for production house "Premier Production" in 2005.
- None was part of several Balkan music festivals: "Ohrid Fest - Ohridski Trubaduri" (Ohrid, MK), "Makfest" (Stip, MK), "Budva" (Budva, Montenegro), "Stari Grad" (Novi Pazar, Serbia) and "Europop" (Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina). There she won many prizes.
- Her debut album "Jas Ili Taa" ("Me Or She") came out in March 2006.
- Second album "Isto Kako Porano" ("Same As Before") - 2007.
- None sang the song "Vrati Se" ("Come Back") at "Skopje Fest 2008", Republic of Macedonia's national selection for Eurovision Song Contest.
Favorite things: Paris (city), Michael Jackson, Beyonce and "Maroon 5" (music artists/bands), "Hero" (song by Mariah Carey), Keanu Reeves and Meg Ryan (actors), "Braveheart" (movie with Mel Gibson), Wednesday (day in a week), Coca-Cola (drink), fast-food (food).
Also named: None Nedelkoska, Ноне Неделковска, Ноне Неделкоска
Source: photo - N/A, info - None's personal website
Author: photo - N/A

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